Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was brave

The fact is I'm not usually very brave when it comes to taking all three of the Triple J's out and about when I'm by myself. It scares me. For one, they outnumber me - never a good point to get to! Plus, the little ones have the road sense of a speedbump - ie happy to lie on the road and get smooshed by cars all day.

So I was a bit (ok, yes, I'm understating) worried about taking all three of them to a park near the beach. I thought about the potential hazards - the ocean, the road, falling from play equipment, running away in general in two to three different directions at a time. It was enough to make me shudder. A lot. If I could have wrapped them in safe, bubble wrapped, hazmat suits and sent them to play in a fenced dog park all day, I'd have been thrilled!

Having said that, they were WONDERFUL.

We had huge talks before leaving about following the rules. They knew if they went anywhere near the road or water, we would leave. If they ran away from me or refused to hold hands, we would leave. And they really, really didn't want to leave.

We got to meet up with some lovely friends and their children and we all (yep, even socially-introverted-to-start-with me!) had a fantastic time.

However, if you see a post on eb about any of the following activities, then that's us . . .

The kids ate hot chips. Oh the horror!
They all had lemonade icypoles! (Thanks again to M's other half for those!)
They played in the dirt and sand and loved it!
Mini-me spent a heap of time keeping an eye on her brothers so I could socialise (and yes, it cost me at the toy shop on the way home!)

And the best part of all . . .

The boys refused to use the toilets there. And really, after catching a whiff of stale urine when we opened the door, I didn't blame them. I personally hung on for dear life but given our 3-year-olds are toilet training that wouldn't do. So they peed. On a tree. In the park.

Lucky boys.


  1. Thanks for a great day Lisa! Hope they gave you the confidence for us to be able to do it again soon! I am thinking the Alexander Clark Park at Loganholme, it's a bit quieter and not right on the road - you interested, maybe next week?

  2. What a great post, so glad you had a good time!

  3. Way to be brave. I'm still working up the nerve to bring out the small ones alone. If I had Ben (who is a 42 year old in an 8 year old's body), I might be okay, but until then, man, I'm scared. How do people do it?

  4. LF, I'm up for that! Sounds like a plan.

    Thanks Sally!

    Becky, one of our friends who came has five little ones. She is a brave, brave woman!