Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have to blow my own

Successfully completed prac in a particular school area - check.
First year teacher - check
Teacher in a school in the same area - check.
Passed probation - check
GPA over 5.5 - check.

Nominated by my school for meeting all of the requirements for Beginning Teacher of the Year award? Nope.

Requested by my school that I attend to watch a uni colleague accept the award, who got a lower GPA than I did, plus only did one prac in the school area, plus requested help from me while we were at uni - check.

Bitter and pissed off Beginning Teacher here? Yep.

I won't blow my own trumpet, but I think I have genuinely done a good job this year. I've been complimented by my peers and direct supervisor. I've passed probation - easily. I've dealt with some really tough situations and survived. I've built relationships where it was thought impossible. I've helped other beginning teachers when they were struggling. I've signed up for extra curricular groups and helped plan curriculum that I won't actually be teaching next year.

I suppose it's too much to ask that I get nominated for an award that I'm qualified for. I didn't dream of winning. But to be at least included would have made me happy and I would have felt recognised. At the moment I'm feeling rather forgotten and it doesn't feel nice.


  1. I would have nominated you Lisa :o)

    You don't need a sucky award to know how awesome you are, we all still love you :o)

  2. It isn't the award. It is the validation that you did well from an external sourse. We all get sick of blowing our own trumpets, we want someone else to stand up and say "well done!"

    Sadly, Lisa, it is when you do well, help others and surpass all standards that people either stand back and go: "nah, she doesn't need the boost or recognition" or worse :"she thinks she's good, well I'm not re-inforcing that idea" out of professional jealousy.