Sunday, June 28, 2009

Medically required farts and more. . .

I'm home! It's been a while since I've been so glad to see my large, comfy bed with my own doonah and own ensuite and own pillows and it's almost bliss!!

The operation went well. As far as I know - I certainly don't remember details about during!

Recovery is going ok. I have bad pain in both shoulders - slightly worse on the left - which is driving me mental. It's actually worse than at the incision sites, of which there are 5. Yep, 5 more dashes on the stomach to add to the collection of jigsaw inspirited body modifications.

My stomach has definitely shrunk in size - I can only eat sloppy food and slooooowwwwly. If I eat too fast, I hurt. If I eat too much, I hurt. I can manage to get down about 10 spoons of whatever I'm eating and them I'm pretty much done.

I managed to get discharged after 2 days simply because I couldn't sleep in hospital. I am an Amazon woman in a bed sized for children. Really. Plus I was right next to the nurses' station and they never shut up! I really didn't need to know more details about 1028's bowel problem. The pillows were hard, the bed was lumpy and I was miserable. So Dr Damn Nice was damn nice and let me go early so I could get some sleep and well, go home and fart.

Yes, apparently it's now a medical necessity that I fart as often and as largely as I can. Gas that was pumped into my body during the op needs to come out and the shoulder pain apparently won't go for some time, especially if I don't start cutting the cheese on a regular basis.

Ahhh recovery. It's so glam!

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  1. LOL Lisa you gave me a good chuckle! I'm glad you're home and comfortable - well as much as you can be!