Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twilight and all things Vampiric

Ok, I have been a HUGE fan of vampire lore for many, many years. I'm not sure if it's the darkness, the romance, or the hot men who, let's face it, in being immortal aren't likely leave in a hurry. Noooo, no issues here ;).

I love the mystery, the beauty, the savagery, the duality and fight between good and evil. It's seductive in its decadence. So it's not a huge surprise then them I'm a fan of . . .

Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ok, I never expected to be. Buffy (lordy, who named this chick?!) seems more fluffy than the typical vampire genres I loved. But I grew to love the quirky humour, interesting storylines and of course, the romance.

Alas, Buffy is now done and dusted and Edward the Twilight vampire is all the rage. I didn't quite get it at first. A book designed for teens that's been made into a movie. Meh. Robert "I-look-like-Edward-Cullen" Patterson does nothing for me. BUT . . . students at my school are reading it. Voluntarily. There are waiting lists in the library for this series. I naturally had to check it out.

The book is honestly, pretty poorly written. Simple, basic vocabulary and has this woman never heard of a contraction? Seriously, the "I will / I did / I have" language was driving me mental. But it's escapism at it's finest and quite a cute, romantic, almost preteen storyline. Ok, the heroine Bella is for the most part a simpering fool who puts the feminist movement back about three generations but this book has students reading! And apparently their teacher.

I'm now hooked on Twilight. *Sigh*. Turns out it is addictive. They really should put warning labels on the cover. Warning: This book leads to severe housework neglect. I've buying the next three books tomorrow to take to hospital. Nothing like imposted bedrest to bring on a reading attack.

Anyway, in honour of my love of vampire lore, including both Twilight and Buffy, I bring you the following for your enjoyment...

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  1. I love my Buffy and Angel boxsets. Once I got over the simplistic narrative of the Twilight series I feel in love with many of the characters. I then moved onto the True Blood tv series and read the Sookie Stackhouse books it's based on... OK getting sad now...