Thursday, October 22, 2009

They bring me flowers

Lately the boys have been so very sweet.

They bring me their artwork in chubby, proud, little hands.

They bring me cuddles and smoochy kisses. Usually with food-covered faces but always with big smiles.

And this week, they've brought me flowers. A sprig of Lavender (kindy), a Daisy (kindy), a Clover flower and a Dandelion. They don't recognise at the moment what is 'technically' a weed and in a gift from them, neither do I.

I think it's a habit they've picked up from their father, who also brought me flowers this week. Gerberas. Beautiful!!!

So thank you Coparent. Thank you Mr Smoochy and thank you Mr Cheeky. I'll take those flowers anytime. Be it pretty ones delivered to work with chocolates, or half-crushed-limp-from-palm-sweat weeds, I love them.


  1. So lovely! In my kitchen there is a permanent little vase for all the 'flowers' my almost 4 year old Miss picks for me.... dandelions, onionweed, those yellow flowers that resemble daisies, only they are NOT....etc! It is very cute though, you are a lucky mum!

  2. That is a beautiful post, love it. :)

    Gotta love kids and their sweetness. I have a vase of geraniums in the kitchen at the moment that Briella picked for her big brother on his arrival home from camp.

    Lucky girl, getting flowers from your DH too! <3