Friday, October 30, 2009

I found it

I'm a fan of the Sex in the City Movie. Four independent, fabulous women living life the way they want to and having sex the way they want to. Inspiring! I too love the SATC movie although for most of it, our main heroine is broken, sad, hollow. At one point, she wonders if she'll ever laugh again. And her dear friend Miranda explains that she will. When someone really funny happens.

Yesterday someone really UNfunny happened. But I laughed.

Coparent and I have come up against some really big, dramatic moments in our lives. Some of them good and some of them devastating. We've agreed that one positive these experiences have given us is that we rarely 'sweat the small stuff' any longer. We're really quick to recognise that there are some things we can't control, and there are some things that while frustrating, aren't worth losing our mental facilities over. Yesterday was such a day.

I was in training all day yesterday. Coparent txt me to say please call but my phone battery was running low and through txts he assured me it wasn't urgent. I left at 2:30pm (can I say, I LUUURVE training!). At 2:45pm my car broke down on the motorway. Yes, in the MIDDLE lane. I slowly limped to the side with a truck helping to block traffic. God bless truckies.

My mobile was low in battery. I tried but the car wouldn't move safely while more trucks were whizzing past at over the 110km/hr speed limit. So I walked, along the freeway to the emergency phone thinking 'Ok, the plan is to NOT DIE'. After finding the phone off the hook and trying to figure out how to work it, I got on to someone who assured me they knew where I was and would send help. I trudged back to the car, then dutifully stood behind the guard rail, waiting for help.

I thought (on the off chance that I was about to be squished to death) that I should let Coparent know. I sent him a text: "Car has died. On the motorway. RACQ on the way. Am ok. Fuck".

Being the lovely coparent he is, he rang me immediately. I explained that my mobile battery was flat and he let slip that he was at home. At around 3pm. Odd. When I asked, it turned out that he'd had a car accident that morning and our other car wasn't drivable. There I was, standing on the side of the motorway, phone to my ear, laughing. And swearing. And laughing. Because the chances of two cars dying on the same day? Who does that happen to? Oh us. Of course.

This was quickly followed by my phone dying mid sentence.
Being towed back to where I'd started my journey from.
Having to wait around 2 hours before help arrived.
Becomming frustrated because by that time I knew it was just a tyre which I know how to change myself but also knew if I lifted the damn thing I'd end up in hospital.
Driving home at around 70km/hr on the motorway because I no longer trusted the car and pissing off EVERY driver behind me!

And in the end? None of it mattered. It was still UNfunny. And I still laughed.

I'm sorry you were in an accident Coparent. I'm so glad you weren't hurt. I'm peeved we're going to have to spend money on a new car, particularly as the driver that hit you was driving an unregistered vehicle.

But I thank you for helping me find my laugh.

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