Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Saying they're sorry for everything and that they're wanting to explain doesn't really cut it when they choose not to follow through.

What it does do is fuck me up for yet another night. Which I don't need. Not right now.

I'm barely making it to work every day. I'm lucky in that I have years of perfecting my 'game face'. I can go to work and teach and almost seem 'normal'. Almost. Only those who know me really well could tell that I don't feel I'm in the same reality at the moment.

If you're going to 'explain' then do it. Don't continue to fuck me over with more false promises and lies.


  1. Thinking of you. It sounds lame, but I really am. I'm so sorry things are so tough at the moment.

    Take care xoxox

  2. I am so sorry you are sad. I wish you wern't. I wish people were not such FUCKERS!