Sunday, April 26, 2009

These are my children

First we have Mini-Me. She's 8 and very much like me when I was younger. She's not exactly your usual 8 year old girl and we love her for that. She's studying karate at the moment and loving it. She had her first major independent disappointment this week when she wasn't allowed to grade in karate - a tough lesson but she's bounced back really well and I'm proud of her.

Next we have my boys. Firstly, there's Mr Smoochy. He's almost 3. Big and beautiful and looks just like my Dad! He's madly running around copying Mini-Me doing her karate moves at the moment. *sigh* Hopefully he'll learn not to connect as often as he does!

Finally we have Mr Cheeky. He's also almost 3. Big in his own right but smaller than Mr Smoochy so he seems a lot more compact than he is. His speech is really developing at the moment! For example, this morning I snuggled up next to him in bed to watch tv:

Cheeky: You're big (the kid has a point!)
Me: Yes, I am. You're a big boy now too.
Cheeky: Yeah but you're big. You need ta move ova dere (points to other side of bed)
Me: Why?
Cheeky: Cause you're big. (hard to argue with that logic, but I thought I'd give it a go)
Me: No, you can move.
Cheeky: No, I caaaaan't. You can cause you're biiiiiig.

I won that one. He moved. But I'm amazed that I can actually (finally!) have a conversation with my youngest son!!


  1. Lol I can't help but think of Motomoto when I read that, "Girl, you huge!"

    *Disclaimer* Not sayin 'you huge', just that your boy sounds like Motomoto!!!

  2. lol. He does! He's not exactly wrong either!