Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ultrasound results are in and after spending (way too much) some time on Dr Google, I'm still totally confused.

Based on my really sucky medical knowledge, apparently my whole reproductive system is rooted. Yes, that's my professional opinion.

To be more specific, my uterus is . . .umm . . .too big, too full, flipped backwards, and has an icky pattern of *something* (Radiologist couldn't find what). My right ovary is about 6 times the size of lefty and has a charming growth on her. Noice.

I head to Dr Damn Nice on Friday so will be chatting to him however as he's a GI Man (Jo's brother! lol) he'll no doubt have to send me on to a gyno.

And weirdly, I'm ovulating lmao. Does she not know she's in retirement?!?!

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