Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little late

I don't 'do' New Year's Resolutions. I never used to keep them so for years it seemed pointless. Then I made one that I have kept - I will never make another New Year's Resolution. So far so good.

So in the vein of keeping that one, I present my plan for 2010* . . .

1. No surgeries. Please, let me be done!

2. At least once a month, coparent and I will head OUT with the children - explore, socialise, experience, live!

3. Less TV and internet and more IRL chat.

4. Less use of terms such as IRL.

5. More exercise, and better food. Recovering in bed twice this year, plus living with largely chronic pain hasn't done much for my weight. I'm very uncomfortable in myself at the moment so back come the salads are farewell to the hot chips. *Sob*

6. Continue not smoking.

7. I will not berate myself for being stupid. I wasn't stupid. I was trusting, I was loving, I was supportive. I was honest and expected it in return. Others' actions do not make me stupid.

8. I will have a life outside of work. Even if it means I have to force myself - which I will have to given I'm socially awkward. I usually enjoy myself once out but making plans and getting out that door are near impossible some days. Let's call this one a work-in-progress.

9. I will swim. I have a pool. It's in the process of being changed from green back to blue. When it's ready, I'm going to actually use it.

10. Somewhere in there, I will try to continue to find time for dating.

*not to be confused with any sort of resolution. New Years or otherwise.


  1. Hey, we have one of the same resolut...err...plans. I also decided to make it a habit to go OUT with the other half and children once a month. We decided on our plan at the beginning of the month and we did it last weekend. I made sure to take the camera and am really glad I did.

    I hope your first outing is as successful.