Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Things about me

Here we have it. 10 (legal) things about me (that I'm prepared to post!).

1. I used to be a little wild. Ok, a lot. I moved out of home (for the first time!) at 17 and lived in a share house with 9 other people for the bargain basement price of $60 per week rent. I only knew two of the housemates. We didn’t have a car so used to buy only as much food as we could carry up a large hill to the house. For a while I went even wilder. . . .

Not me. And probably a tad more sedate and reserved than I was.

2. I had my first drink at 13. I don’t think it really counted because it was only a swig of West Coast Cooler that was bandied about at a party. I was picked up by Dad and after being home for an hour I threw up. From a SWIG. I blamed it on the Caramel Tarts served at the party. Tarts are EVIL.

3. One of my nicknames is Amazon Woman. Mainly because I’m 6’3” tall. Also because I’m a warrior of life. And I value women. Having said that I never intend to cut off my right breast. There are limits peoples.

She would be totally worth becoming a member of her tribe. lol.

4. I never wanted twins. Seriously. Love them immensely but I didn’t want two at a time. At our first scan (7 weeks, 3 days) there was only one with a heartbeat and an empty sack. Coparent and I txt family to happily announce all was well and there was only one. Then we had to retell the correct story three weeks later when our OB found a second baby!

5. I’ve had major depression twice. Post Natal depression after each of my pregnancies. Twice I’ve been hospitalised with it. I credit the Brisbane Centre for Post Natal Disorders with saving my life – twice! They are truly fantastic in there and I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the Brisbane area and is struggling. My biggest regret is that it the first time I had PND, I hit it from my friends and family for 6 long weeks until I completely lost the plot at the clinic where I’d taken Mini-me to be weighed. I burnt my hand and just lost it and didn’t get it back. A stranger had to hold my baby because I didn’t feel capable of it and *knew* I was a terrible mother who didn’t deserve her. If you are struggling, get and accept help. Life can be so much better.

6. I once hitchhiked. Stupid, stupid, stupid. A ‘friend’ and I were down the coast to see a band. The people who gave us a lift took off. No money for a taxi. Buses had stopped. So we hitched. Yeah, that’s one I’ve never told my parents! Fortunately it was a lovely middle-aged lady who picked us up to stop any weirdo grabbing us.

7. When pulled over by the police I lose the ability to speak in coherent sentences. Whatever I say comes out as ‘err, aaah, I . . . err . .umm . . ‘. Even when I know I haven’t done anything wrong!

8. I have been to some of the daggiest concerts of all time. Seriously. A-ha. Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Human Nature. Some of the I actually (and scarily) enjoyed.

Remember these boys? So pretty. So safe. So girly. No wonder I am who I am! lol

9. I get extremely frustrated when people refuse to get help for problems. Or choose to wallow indefinitely. If there is a problem, FIX IT. DO something about it. Get help. Admit you have a problem. Speak to someone. Get someone else to help you. When it’s offered, accept it. I wallow at times. But I refuse to do it indefinitely. I deserve better than to spend my life in a black hole.

10. I'm dating again.

Now it's customary to nominate others for the Honest Blog Scrap Award. Most of the blogs I follow have already done it, but I'm going to single out two people.

One - Damien over at 2 Cents Worth. Love, love, love this man. He has been a friend (and flatmate at one time!) for many years. He's opinionated and brash and has a cool blog. Not safe for work or kiddies though!!!

Two - my dear friend RW. Now, she doesn't have a blog but SHE SHOULD!! This woman is an excellent writer. She is also an excellent friend. I love to read anything she's written. Heck, I'd even probably enjoy a shopping list penned by her! So RW, take this as your challenge - START A BLOG!


  1. Oh how did I know that this day would come Amazon Woman.

    Oy vey - Okay - I'll work on it for my blog.

    Shalom dearest.


  2. Oh I just love you to death, my darling. You can have my shopping list any time. hehe. But I'll still never have a blog. Firstly, I'm too much of a blabbermouth and would end up spouting s**t about pretty much anything that came into my head. That could be bad. Secondly, I really don't think anyone is particularly interested in the freaky arse things that do flow through my head. *shrug* When I'm published I will have a website and blog for that. Till then, I feel compelled to protect the world from my brain. *cringe*