Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quietly freaking out . ..

Mildly though. I've got it under control. Sort of.

Surgery is on Monday.

I've had my blood test done and the hospital will be holding blood for me in case I require a transfusion.

I've had my final pre-op surgeon appointment and ultrasound. The good news is the cyst on my left ovary couldn't be seen!! Yippee leftie!! The bad news is the one on the right has continued to grow and the uterus is still too big, too bulky and I guess feeling less than fresh lol. It's time to go . . . uterus!

Dr M kindly ran through the risks . . .again. Completely terrifying me. But I know he has to legally. I signed a heap of paperwork and paid out an amount that would feed several families in several African villages for several years. Pity I won't get cards and update letters from my soon to be ex internal organs.

I've bought myself some of the True Blood series books and I've familiarised myself with the new Foxtel channels.

I've freaked myself out with thoughts of complications and dying and then covered it up with some rocking, hands over ears, singing la la la la la type activity.

I think I'm ready.


  1. Hope all is well, and just to let you know I've given you an "Honest Scrap Award". See my blog for details. ;-)