Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm not the girliest of girls.

I don't wear skirts. Or dresses.

I don't look good in them. Being so tall I can never find 'pretty' shoes to go with them and they're just not me. I'm not comfortable in them. I am not the girliest of girls.

Post hyster though, I've been forced to wear girly clothing. It's strange that once they remove your uterus, your belly swells up so you look (and if you include the pain, fatigue and blerk feelings) and feel around 5 months pregnant. NONE of my pants would go on. Those that would, hurt. On the VERY odd times I've been out of the house I've worn one off two dresses that I own. It's in perfectly good condition - it's been previously worn once in 5 years!

For Christmas I had to go out and buy an emergency skirt. The one dress I owned was too short and too revealing and just too damn uncomfortable to spend the day in. So another skirt has joined the wardrobe. Fortunately I didn't spend a lot on it because . . .

Today I wore pants!!!

And drove!!!!

And took Mini-me shopping with gift vouchers we'd received for Christmas!!!

I'm completely wiped out this afternoon, and more than a little sore, but also a tad estatic. I'm one giant step closer to feeling like myself again. And I didn't even need 'pretty' shoes.

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  1. Well done! So glad you are on the road to recovery.