Sunday, November 22, 2009

Before there was Pink

. . .there was Alanis.

I used to play this song, at FULL volume* in the car on the motorway. It was some of the few times my dodgy Laser used to get to full speed because I usually floored it.

I love it

I'll be honest. I'm posting it mainly to mess with someone's head. But she is God. And a hot Goddess. With or without sound.

*this may or may not be the reason I now have hearing issues. I also used to dance on stages and speakers. With friends. Who read this blog. Remember R? hehe


  1. Great things come from Canada :o)
    I think I saw her back when she was Alanis Morrisette at the local Community Hall rofl

  2. And before Alanis was Melissa Etheridge!

    Now I'M showing my age!

  3. Shannon, I am drooling in jealousy!!

    Madmother . . Ooooo huge Melissa Fan here!

    Check these out . . .


  4. Oh yeah. I remember Alanis, and the stages, and the speakers. And the very loud singing (screaming). Those were good times. :)

  5. I remember a certain house on a certain hill that had a certain lady living with two certain gay men who used to play that album loud.......... oh so very loud........... oh so very often - and certain times never to be predicted.