Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have a date!

With a surgeon that is.

First surgery on the stomach is booked for 25th June which is about 4 weeks away. That way I should be ok to struggle on through, plus will have two weeks of the school holidays to loll around in bed trying to recover!

I should be in hospital for around 2-3 days and will be on what my Mum describes as 'old lady food'. Yes, it will be slops for me for quite some time apparently. Joy! I think I'll have to head out and have a damn big slab of steak just for the heck of it, before I go in.

Dr Damn Nice did an Endoscopy to check out the situation and I have some rather icky pictures of the inside of my stomach. Or stomachs because at the moment mine is sort of split in two. Any Wiggles fans? Sing along with me: I'm a cow, I'm a cow.

The Endoscopy went fine. I was really nervous about having a huge tube stuck down my throat and being awake for it, but the drugs!! Oh, the drugs!! Fabulous stuff! I was truly in la-la land. At one stage I felt the tube in my throat but didn't give a hoot. And I have this weird memory of Dr Damn Nice holding his arms wide saying 'It's this big'. Didn't actually happen but the thought did give me a giggle!

So the countdown is on!

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