Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Cheeky and Mr Smoochy!

Today my sons turned 3. What a day! This is the first year they had an idea of presents and a party and cake and they totally enjoyed themselves!

This day three years ago was intense, scary, exhilarating and wondrous all at once!

I was 37 weeks pregnant with the boys and had been over it for weeks! I was huge. Picture a humpback whale with the hump at the front and then double it. And that was me.

I remember waiting in the maternity ward and not looking forward to the csar. I'd had one before with Mini-me and it wasn't pleasant. Given a pre-existing heart condition, the fact that the boys were breech and transverse plus the sucky pregnancy I'd had, a csar was the only option.

The plan had been to have both Mum and Coparent in the room with me. Five minutes before cutting time the anesthetist decided she had a problem with Mum being there and I was told it was Coparent and I ONLY. I was not impressed. I had to break the news to Mum that she couldn't be there. It wasn't a great start.

The Dr rang back to say that he was waiting in theatre for me and I had to get down NOW if I didn't want to miss out on my spot. Needless to say I waddled down to the nurses station and told them I had to go. They sent me down with Coparent, unescorted by a nurse and my file which caused no end of trouble when we got there - apparently it's not the done thing to wander down for your own delivery!

Coparent was taken off to get dressed in some lovely scrubs, while I was prepped. Read - was transferred to a teeny table where I felt like I was going to puke and fall at the same time. Noice!
Finally the anesthetist arrived to start jabbing me. I wasn't her fan by now seeing as she'd stressed me so much right before delivery but we had to move on. She started to administer a spinal block (think big, nasty, mofo needle in the back) while a male nurse supported me in front. Suddenly he left. Given my stressed, anxious state I immediately wondered if I'd done something wrong? Was I too heavy? Too stressed? Too anything? In reality his leaving probably had nothing to do with me but I was clearly on edge.

Eventually the operation started. Mr Smoochy was first - blonde and upside-down. He was shown to me and taken quickly to be checked out. Next it was Mr Cheeky. I could hear him protesting even before he was fully out. His cries sounded strangely muffled and reassuring at the same time. He was shown to me - dark hair and looking so much like his sister! They were both cleaned, checked over, weighed, wrapped, then handed to Coparent who helped the nurse show them to me. Given I was lying flat I couldn't hold both of them but touched and kissed and welcomed.

They had to go to SCN as I had Gestational Diabetes. They needed monitoring for their breathing and blood sugar levels but I was happy and confident they were ok. They were big boys for twins and the pead was very happy and commented on how well a job I had done in managing my sugars. Apparently they can tell when examing the babies how stable the sugars were. Just don't tell him about the extra insulin injections I took to drink Maccas Frozen Cokes!

The boys did so well they were brought up to our room on the maternity ward at around 10 that night! We cuddled, loved, soothed, welcomed and celebrated their arrival. From the first minute they taught me that newborns have personality. They were immediately two different individuals who brought such joy to our family.

I consider raising twins to be a journey. A rollercoaster that I have been privileged to ride upon. My life changed dramatically the minute I became pregnant with them. I struggled daily during their pregnancy. In addition to all of the usual pregnancy complaints, during the 37 weeks I had . . . .(wait for it, it's quite alarming!) . . .

  • Hyperemesis (I think the final count was 5 trips for a drip for fluids)
  • Gestational Diabetes (insulin injections required)
  • Graves Disease (usually gets better in pregnancy, but no, I developed it)
  • SPD (OMG the PAIN!)
  • Heart Palpitations (always fun while driving!)

After their birth I also experienced . . . .

  • Bladder Shut Down (can't think of the fancy name but that's basically what happened)
  • Bowel Shut Down (ditto to above. Really not pleasant)
  • Hemorroids (so bad they recommended surgery)
  • Post Natal Depression (who couldn't see that coming!?)
  • Uterus Infection (she did a great job at the time but has apparently packed it in)
  • Hemorrhage (caused by above)
  • Broken Leg (apparently caused in part to decreased bone density. I just know I was a clutz when walking across a room and snapped the leg bone near my ankle. The boys were 11 weeks old - now that was fun!)
  • Umbilical Hernias (recurring. Because why do anything just once!)
  • Hiatus Hernia (a pain in the guts as we speak)

I'll stop now. It's just too long!

It took me around 6 weeks to be fully discharged from various hospitals after their birth. Three years later, I am still facing health complications and surgery that relates back to their pregnancy and birth.

And you know what? To get them in my life, I'd do it all over.


Happy Birthday Mr Cheeky!
Happy Birthday Mr Smoochy!

You are incredibly loved.

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  1. Wow! Your pregnancy and birth sounded really hard on you!

    I hope your boys had a lovely birthday and their 3rd year is full of health, love and happiness.

    As always, a really enjoyable post to read.

    Sal xx