Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm in love . . .

and its name is Gerni.

Ok, well that's not technically it's name. It's just what they were called when I was a kid. It's a high pressure water hose and it's the latest present Coparent and I have given ourselves.

We've Gernied the fences, the paths, the stepstones (which are actually a lovely terracotta shade - we thought they were beige!), the house, the pergola, the cafe blinds, the windows and occasionally by accident, ourselves. So far the children have been spared although we have considered it for next time Mr Cheeky decides that using the toilet is not for him and lets loose in his pants.

So it's been springcleaning time in the resilience household. We've cleaned, we've mowed, we've weeded, we've hedged, we've tidied, we've gernied. We've repaired, we've installed, we've replaced and we're now completely knackered.

Anyway, to show off my new love, here's a pic of Coparent attacking the birdbath in the front yard. Who knew it was white?!?!

1 comment:

  1. You realise that thing is only for EXTERNAL use yes????

    Remember - you love DIY - just don't LERV the DIY tools :)