Sunday, August 16, 2009

Electrical Appliances are evil

Evil I tells ya!!

Now, I know some of you will be shocked but I have an admission to make. Some times, I can ever so slightly, be just a little, well, OCD.

Sadly my particular version of OCD had nothing to do with fastidiously cleaning. Or my bathroom wouldn't look the way it does and we wouldn't be currently running through the pros and cons of hiring a cleaning person!

I tend to be a little weird (hard to believe, I know!). A chronic insomniac, I can't sleep unless I am either holding the TV remote or know exactly where it is. It has to be on the bed - across the room just doesn't cut it for some reason. Plus, the TV has to be on.

Yes, yes I know. Oprah has gone on and on about the evils on TV's in the bedroom, but something has to go on in there and quite frankly, Oprah doesn't do it for me.

Oh and what's on the TV? It has to be good. Something I would want to watch. Otherwise I stay up shooting dagger looks at the TV for not entertaining me enough to sleep. Yes, as I said, weird.

So last week, I turned on the TV for it to shut itself off and give me the black screen of death. Mmmm. Not great.

Imagine my disgust when two days later, the TV (tiny, but still within my OCD guidelines) I replaced it with died in front of me. This one, which had lasted 20 years, turned itself off and refused to play again. Yes, two in a week. Don't tell anyone but I had to borrow Mini-me's for the night to get some sleep!

I have a brand spanking new one. 26 inch. Flatscreen. I'm in OCD heaven.

Although Coparent has strongly suggested I don't touch it and stay right away given my track record this week. Particularly after I simultaneously blew three energy saving light globes in the kitchen by flicking the switch.

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